2014 Indianapolis 500

Don’t miss all the excitement at this year’s Indianapolis 500 on ABC over Memorial Day weekend! With so many things to enjoy like grilling out, hosting friends and family, the beginning of summer weather with pools opening and the big racing event, make sure you have a reliable satellite provider which is reliable in all types of weather. There’s nothing worse than sitting down with friends and family to watch this yearly racing event and having it knocked out by bad weather or by a terrible connection. So if this is something that you plan to do over the up coming Memorial Day weekend, make sure you have a reliable satellite network like DISH, which is 99.99% reliable in the case of bad weather.

Much like the Indianapolis 500, DISH Network is an all-American brand that delivers hundreds of cable and satellite channels in the highest quality HD. This means you’ll get ABC, which is broadcasting the race, as well as all of it’s affiliates, without any interruption, guaranteeing that you will be able to see every second of the race while you grill out and enjoy yourself with those you care about most on this important American holiday. Even more American is how reasonable DISH network is when compared to the other satellite and cable companies out there.

So if you want to be sure you’ll be able to see the whole race in the highest television quality for the lowest monthly cost, sign up for DISH network today. It will guarantee that there will at least be entertainment on your TV throughout the afternoon, regardless of what else is going on over the holiday’s festivities.