4 Reasons to Bundle TV and Internet

Bundling television and Internet through DISH Network is a great way to save money on your entertainment month after month due to the deep discounts DISH offers on bundled plans. What makes DISH Network bundles the perfect choice for average consumers?

1) DISH Bundles Save Money

It really is that simple for many cash-strapped families and households. It’s cheaper to bundle important services such as television entertainment and Internet in order to enjoy greater savings. Consumes save up to 25 percent on their Internet service depending on the plan they choose, when they choose DISH Network bundles.

2) Superior Customer Satisfaction Ratings

J.D. Power and Associates has awarded DISH Network with the highest rating for customer satisfaction. This means that DISH Network has met all the requirements for customer satisfaction from customer service agents, to installation technicians, to the finished product (clear picture, outstanding sound, and package selection) for this prestigious award. With lower rates on bundled services for Internet and television, it won’t take long to see why so many customers are satisfied.

3) Internet Package Options

DISH bundles for Internet include three different package option. This allows users with smaller Internet appetites and needs to choose lower data packages that cost less. It also allows for those who are more voracious Internet users (gamers, video streamers, etc.) to get the speed and level of data usage they need to be satisfied with their experience. Choose the package that best meets your Internet usage needs and avoid paying more for services you don’t need or won’t utilize as much.

4) Television Channel Choices

Choice is a good word to keep in mind when it comes to DISH Network bundles. There are many television-viewing packages and specialty channels DISH viewers have access to. Some people, for instance, want basic television viewing options with access to local news while other people want a home theater experience. If you’re the latter, you’ll want to consider premium packages that include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, or some combination of these channels (you can even bundle these if you order two, three, or four premium channels). DISH Network often offers these channels for free (for a limited time) to new DISH customers.

Bundles through DISH are convenient, fun, and save money on your monthly television and Internet bills. Choose wisely and you’ll have a plan that will keep your family entertained and educated throughout the year, without paying a premium price.