5 Reasons To Get Satellite TV

Are you still debating whether to go with satellite or cable TV? If so, here are 5 great reasons why you should choose satellite TV from DISH Network.

More Channels
Satellite offers east and west coast feeds, regional programming, and even international programming. So, you get more channels than your local cable provider offers.

Affordable Price
Satellite TV is much more affordable than cable TV. The price of satellite TV only goes up a few dollars every few years. Your local cable provider might try to win you over with promotional pricing, but look at what it will cost you after the promotional period.

Satellite TV is available no matter where you live. Cable TV is not. If the cable can’t reach your house, then you can’t have cable TV service. What about service availability during bad weather? Satellite TV is reliable 99.99 percent of the time – even in bad weather. If your satellite loses signal when it’s barely raining or there’s a light wind, contact your provider. Once a technician checks the installation and optimizes the signal, you should have no problem. Extremely severe weather might interfere with your signal, but that type of weather impacts cable TV too.

Picture Quality
Satellite is the choice for you if you value the best picture possible. All satellite TV channels are digital. Hundreds of those are available in high definition.

More Sports
Satellite TV shows more than the local teams and events. Cable providers only show local sporting events or national games of the week. That doesn’t do you any good if you live on the east coast but your favorite team is on the west. Satellite TV lets you follow your team no matter where you live.

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