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Looking for American Idol? Find it locally on Fox. American Idol is back again, for a new season, full of both great voices and amusing ones.

The 2014 season kicked off in January, and is actually season 13 of this extremely popular reality show. Season 13 airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm. For those unfamiliar, American Idol is a reality-singing competition series that was created by Simon Fuller. Each season, viewers get to vote for their American Idol (after the judges, of course, cut those who they deem not worthy) and typically the winner gets a recording contract and goes on to make millions. In past years, even the runners up have scored contracts.

Big changes were made this year, as only country star Keith Urban returned as a judge. Two new judges came in to replace Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj.

The new judges are crooner Harry Connick, Jr. as well as singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Additionally, changes to both the opening and the show’s format can be seen this season.

So far, viewers are loving the changes, and the new contestants. Twitter responses skyrocket both during and after each show, and you may want to check it out, or even participate, as you watch.

This season, you will find Fox American Idol on both Wednesday and Thursday nights, with different themes each week, like their recent ‘Hollywood’ themed week, with more themes to be announced.

One of the new judges, Harry Connick, Jr., is a fan favorite, as he cracks jokes and has the contestants laughing, even the ones going home in tears.
While he may still be the rookie judge, his attempts at lightening the mood are working. So far he has helped the other judges and the contestants as they deal with stress from long rehearsals and arguments within the ranks. Fans agree that Connick was an excellent addition to the show. No one even seems to miss past judges, like Simon Cowell (who left the show in 2010) or Paula Abdul (who exited after the 2009 season).

During one episode, Connick agreed with contestants, that he did not ‘like the other judges’ and flipped off the judges and contestants before walking off the set.

Are you a fan? Who are you pulling for to win it all, and who do you wish would just be sent home already? The group performances are a nice change, some say, but what do you think?

Watch American Idol this week, on Fox on your Dish Network and do not miss a thing! And don’t forget to vote for the next Idol!

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