Cable vs. Satellite

When it comes to television we all have our preferences whether it be reality TV, sports or movies that we prefer. Picking our favorite shows is really the easy part when it comes to decisions about television. The difficult part is deciding on which provider makes the most sense for you and your family when you want more than just the major network stations. Should you pick cable or satellite?

cable vs satellite

To make an informed decision you should consider what really reflects your true viewing habits of the entire family and not just the favorite shows of whomever controls the remote most of the time. Do you need sport channels, cartoon channels, movies, foreign TV? Do you like to stream movies? Or do you still have a VCR connected? Hopefully not. Once you make a list of what types of shows are most important to your family, make a wish list for the shows you would like to watch that you’ve not had the opportunity to enjoy because you did not have the right channels? Are you ready to get rid of the VCR and begin streaming movies? Do you want to watch more sports or less sports and more cooking shows? Perhaps you want more educational content for the children. Maybe you want to add overseas broadcasts to your favorite list?

Now that you have your viewing dream list established, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty, the decision of purchasing cable or satellite? So let’s compare the features, channels and of course, the prices.

Cable Television:

  • Features – delivers television programming by radio frequency signals transmitted through cables; only available in areas with access to cable and network providers; can have programming outages; may only be one provider choice in the area.
  • Channels – a wide variety of channels are offered as well as bundled services.
  • Prices – typically higher than satellite television.

Satellite Television

  • Features – delivers television programming through broadcast signals from communication satellites received by a dish; available anywhere in the U.S. where the dish can be installed facing south including rural areas; can have weather related outages; may be multiple provider choices in the area such as DISH Network.
  • Channels – a wide variety of channels are offered, streaming movie services such as Netflix, international television, and commercial skipping options.
  • Prices – typically lower than cable television.

Now that you have your wish list and the pertinent information you can make an informed decision about the provider that is right for you with the most channels and best service for your budget and taste. For more information on DISH Network television programming, visit All American Dish.