Catch March Madness 2014 on DISH Network

The Rites of Spring:

Just when you don’t think you can avoid going buggy from cold winter days, the first hints of spring come every year from the hardwood courts of college basketball. Over the last two decades, the annual experience of March Madness has created a national fervor over sports rivaled only by the Super Bowl. The 2013 event averaged a total of nearly 11 million viewers a game, topped with more than 23 million for the championship between Louisville and Michigan.

March Madness 2014 starts March 18 as the country’s top 64 teams start a tournament that culminates the first week in April with the Final Four and the National Championship Game. Dish Network makes it possible to follow the entire process of elimination, from the initial bracket announcements to the crowning of a champion in Nashville.

In fact, one of the national pastimes is now ramping up, completing personalized brackets for the tournament, every arm chair pundit attempting to select the 64 contenders and forecasting how they will do in navigating the regional games. More than a few local heroes are created by getting most of their games right.

Unbeatable Coverage:

The tradition of March Madness is unique in how many players and team are involved in the entire competition. That makes the coverage by DISH Network of the March Madness 2014 games as comprehensive as it gets. You can watch every game of the Men’s Division I Basketball Championship from tipoff to the final toss on DISH.

Importantly if you are one of the many diehard fans of March Madness, you don’t have to be a couch potato to enjoy all the games. The DISH Remote Access option provides you with its popular “DISH Anywhere.” You can catch any game on your remote devices while you’re on the road or even while attending one of the games. That capability includes your laptop, smartphone, iPad, Android tablets, and other compatible devices. All you need is a Sling Adapter set up before the action begins.

When you get ready to have a bracket-setting party, invite everyone over to catch the final announcements on your DISH Network setup. You find more than complete coverage of the games, with interviews, analysis and a continuous stream of updates. You’ll have all the up-to-the-second March Madness information you want when you stay tuned into the Dish Network coverage.

Of course, there are always a few who don’t get infected with this annual fever. However, you can keep the whole family happy with the many DISH options, including recording and watching other channels. They may have to use headphones to close out all the cheering, though.