2015 Season Premiers are Coming

The “White House” has made the announcement of when President Underwood will return to the screen in Season 3 of House of Cards. On February 27, 2015, we will learn the fate of the fictional nation and dissect the political churnings through the popular streaming series on Netflix. If you have not been sucked into … Continued

SEC Network from ESPN

The SEC network is a television network devoted to college sports in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). It will launch on August 14, 2014 and will be operated by the ESPN network. In fact, the new network’s alternate name is the ESPN SEC Network. The initial partnership between ESPN and the SEC network is scheduled to … Continued

Longhorn & SEC Network to come to DISH

Feeling disconnected from your favorite college football teams after you graduated? Now you don’t have to stick around your university to get access to Longhorn and SEC games. Dish Network is adding the Longhorn Network and the SEC Network to its sports channel line up, thanks to an agreement with Disney and ESPN. SEC network … Continued

DirecTV drops the Weather Channel

The Weather Channel was recently dropped by DirecTV. Over 20 million subscribers lost their coverage for the channel after the two companies were unable to come to terms in regards to carriage fees. These fees are what are paid to a television channel by the provider in order to air the content. DirecTV subscribers now … Continued

NBC Universal’s Coverage of Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Dozens of channels share the parent company NBC Universal, one of DISH Network’s largest and most prominent entertainment partners. Although NBC and Universal started as a separate news channel and movie production company, they kept up with modern times and have truly transformed into a multimedia empire, with its networks airing shows and movies in … Continued