To Stream or not to Stream?

The first television was invented in 1925 with limited viewing options mainly consisting of programs broadcast by the major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS. Today, ninety years later, viewers have considerable more options in which to receive programming including satellite television and cable. When considering the option that is right for you and … Continued

Skip the Commercials

Let’s face it, unless it’s Super Bowl, nobody wants to see commercials during their favorite movie, cliff hanging drama or sporting event. But, what are you going to do? Television broadcasters have to make money through advertising to stay afloat and, after all, we’ve been putting up with commercials for years and have conditioned ourselves … Continued

Cable vs. Satellite

When it comes to television we all have our preferences whether it be reality TV, sports or movies that we prefer. Picking our favorite shows is really the easy part when it comes to decisions about television. The difficult part is deciding on which provider makes the most sense for you and your family when … Continued

No Messy Wires

Meet wireless Joey, a new wireless satellite adapter by DISH network. This innovative technology allows you to watch DISH TV from any room, even the garage. Joey is part of a set of products, some you may already have. The device operates with an Access Point, Hopper, and Sling. This wireless device, by the name … Continued

TV Anywhere for No Extra Charge!

While there are few things that equal tailgating during the height of football season, it makes it tough to keep up with all the other exciting games on any given Saturday. On top of that, the science and art of tailgating is now so advanced many people miss most of the game taking place in … Continued

Take DISH Network Anywhere This Summer

Television fans rejoice! Now you can have your favorite television programming at your family reunions, baseball games, or camp outs. All of this is thanks to the latest satellite offering, DISH Anywhere. You can even take it along for the ride when you go on vacation. Where can this Powerful App Really Go? Well…anywhere! Really. … Continued

5 Reasons To Get Satellite TV

Are you still debating whether to go with satellite or cable TV? If so, here are 5 great reasons why you should choose satellite TV from DISH Network. More Channels Satellite offers east and west coast feeds, regional programming, and even international programming. So, you get more channels than your local cable provider offers. Affordable … Continued

The Super Joey for your Hopper

First there was the Hopper, DISH Network’s ingenious device that allowed TV junkies to record up to six shows at once without any downgrade in quality and watch anywhere they want in their homes—be it on a television in another room, on a wireless device or directly off their main television’s DVR box. It seemed … Continued

Does weather really interrupt satellite services?

Many people wonder if weather has any effect on their satellite services or is this a fallacy with new technology. This may have been the case in the early days of satellite television, but technological advances in broadcasting and receivers have negated many weather related issues, resulting in 99% availability for satellite television. Rain is … Continued

New Portable Satellite TV Antennas

You may not have heard about this up and coming technology from DISH Network but it’s starting to catch on as the technology is improving. If you haven’t heard of it, the Tailgater is being termed the TV valet. The already versatile Tailgater antenna and receiver is great for taking your TV to not only … Continued