2015 Season Premiers are Coming

The “White House” has made the announcement of when President Underwood will return to the screen in Season 3 of House of Cards. On February 27, 2015, we will learn the fate of the fictional nation and dissect the political churnings through the popular streaming series on Netflix. If you have not been sucked into … Continued

Finale Month

May is Finale Month in the world of primetime television. Over 80 shows air their season finales this month. Then your wait for the Fall season starts. What’s in store for you? Will your favorite show end on a cliffhanger? Here’s a preview of what you can expect on Finale Month. On Castle, Beckett and … Continued

Checking into Bates Motel on DISH Network

A&E is best known for shining a spotlight on real-life oddities, with a slew of hit reality series such as Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars. But in spring 2013, Bates Motel joined the lineup and gained such a following that it was renewed for a second season less than a month later. The show isn’t … Continued

Naked and Afraid on Discovery

If you love survival shows like Man Versus Wild, Man Woman Wild, or Dual Survival, you need to catch Naked and Afraid on Discovery. Naked and Afraid first aired during the summer of 2013, and it promises to take the survival genre to the next level. Each episode follows two contestants as they attempt to … Continued

Duck Dynasty is Back!

DISH Network prides itself on offering the most up to date technology and the most access to the shows you love. They are the leaders of the pack in terms of providing HD to US homes, as well as the most international programming. This distinction sets them apart from the rest in quality and market … Continued

Big Bang Theory on DISH Network

The Big Bang Theory, one of CBS’s popular sitcoms, is available for Dish Network subscribers on both CBS and TBS, channels available on even our smallest packages. The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007 and is now in its seventh season. As the number one ranked sitcom in 2012/2013, The Big Bang Theory continues to … Continued

Catch the Next Episode of Modern Family

Are you looking for a good reason to start watching Modern Family? Or, perhaps you’re already a fan of this great show. No matter your reasons for tuning into this excellent family drama, in the end, you need to watch it on DISH Network. In fact, let’s take a quick look at ABC Modern Family … Continued

Don’t Miss Chicago PD on NBC

DISH Network has the most popular television networks on all of it’s packages, allowing you to watch the best programming being made on television today. While there are all types of different TV packages that can be purchased through DISH, all of them have the major broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX, which … Continued

What is the popular show ‘Walking Dead’ about?

The Walking Dead has become one of cable television’s most popular shows. Found on the AMC network, Walking Dead is now in its fourth season, and recently just resumed after a mid-season break. In fact, more viewers turned in to see Walking Dead than they did to see the Olympics on the same night. The … Continued

American Idol on DISH Network

Looking for American Idol? Find it locally on Fox. American Idol is back again, for a new season, full of both great voices and amusing ones. The 2014 season kicked off in January, and is actually season 13 of this extremely popular reality show. Season 13 airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm. For those … Continued