Don’t Miss Chicago PD on NBC

DISH Network has the most popular television networks on all of it’s packages, allowing you to watch the best programming being made on television today. While there are all types of different TV packages that can be purchased through DISH, all of them have the major broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX, which have the biggest and often the most popular programs currently airing. While all of these networks have great shows worth watch, one of the major draws to the NBC lineup is Chicago PD, a cop drama set amongst the hard working and tough cops in the Windy City’s law enforcement.

As crime has been at a high in certain areas of Chicago, this series is coming out at just the right time to address the growing problem in the rougher neighborhoods of Chi-town. NBC Chicago PD is not necessarily the most original setting for a television series—there have been countless cop shows in the past set in cities all over the country. However, not many have ever been set in Chicago and NBC Chicago PD looks as if it is going to change the mold quite a bit, with new and different characters who help to effectively solve crimes and catch criminals, dealing with the constant battle between cops and criminals. Chicago PD will not only deal with uniformed officers but also the intelligence unit that goes after the major criminals in the city, those who are running a lot of the crime rings that lead to a host of other smaller crimes. These characters will be some of the major antagonists for the run of seasons of the show itself.

It’s also a spin-off television series from the popular show Chicago Fire, which dealt with the fire department in Chicago and the dramas all those in the fire department have to deal with on a regular basis. Beyond the tough job of being cops on Chicago PD, the series will also delve into relationships between the characters, ranging from love lives of the single characters and the happiness and struggles of the married characters and their kids. While there will always be storylines surrounding the cops and criminals on the streets of Chicago, the stories following the lives and soapy elements amongst the officers in the Chicago PD are almost as important.

Chicago PD will air on NBC in February of 2014 after the Winter Olympics and is available on all DISH Network packages in HD. If you want to watch this exciting new series, sign up with DISH today!