Types of Satellite Receivers

Also known as a cable box or satellite box, a satellite receiver has the capabilities of allowing you to watch several cable channels with ease. These satellite boxes are basically compact and sleek boxes that can work hand in hand with parabolic dishes to pick up channels and transmit them directly onto your screen. Additionally, these receivers work digitally and you can use them on HD televisions to enhance picture quality and ensure high definition. There are numerous types of satellite receivers in the market today.

Satellite DVR Receivers

With this type of receiver, you can improve the way you watch your television. This is because you can reply and pause any live programs you may be watching. The best part is that you can record them into your DVR. So with this type of receiver, you will not miss your favorite show, for you can record and you watch them later at your convenient time. Secondly, this type of receiver comes with multiple features that will bring you total fun because they actually put you in control. For example, you can press Pause on your remote control when there is a knock on the door, and when ready, you can continue watching your program all over again; a simply amazing feature. A DVR receiver has the following key features:

  • Allows for rewinding and pausing of live pictures
  • You can record a live program while at the same time watching it
  • It supports sound surround when it is available

HDTV Receivers

With HDTV receivers, you can actually enhance the picture quality in your television. For instance, you can get clearer and sharper images. The best thing about this receiver is that its picture quality is well over five times clearer than traditional that of traditional televisions. Additionally, if you incorporate lifelike audio, you will get a theater-mode experience.

Standard Satellite Receivers

This is also another notable type of satellite receiver. Among some its features include an on-screen electronic program guide, parental locks, and easy search features among others.

Technically, there are quite a number of factors that you need to factor in before you go out and buy a receiver. First, establish whether or not your television is compatible with HD. This will enable you know the kind of receiver you can use and the one you cannot. Additionally, you might be forced to look out for those extra features.

Lastly, if you are planning on recording, it will be very beneficial you go for receivers with a large memory that can store a number of programs. However, if you want something that you can to use for other things rather than just watching, you can go for a receiver that offers mp3, USB ports.