DirecTV drops the Weather Channel

The Weather Channel was recently dropped by DirecTV. Over 20 million subscribers lost their coverage for the channel after the two companies were unable to come to terms in regards to carriage fees. These fees are what are paid to a television channel by the provider in order to air the content.

DirecTV subscribers now have WeatherNation TV to replace the Weather Channel. This is a 24-hour news network and was used in a similar battle when Dish Network and the weather channel had a dispute back in 2010 over a similar ordeal.

The Weather Channel is not taking their loss of business lightly. They have pointed the finger at WeatherNation saying that it has no field coverage, no experts, and does weather forecasting with the use of a three-hour taped loop. David Kenny, the CEO of the network says that it could result in a problem with national safety and preparedness because of the information that is provided.

The Dish Network continues to offer The Weather Channel to their customers because they find the programming to be of value. They have not received complaints from people regarding the airing of non-weather related programs and will therefore continue to offer.

Kenny uses the fact that Dish Network stayed with them to say that DirecTV made a “reckless move” to get rid of the weather channel, especially when weather events seem to be increasing and becoming more volatile.

DirecTV has countered that they see the additions of docu-dramas and reality TV to the lineup as a decrease in the overall value. The weather belongs to everyone as the satellite provider pointed out and consumers appreciate weather channels that provide weather coverage and nothing but.

DirecTV has not ruled out the possibility of bringing The Weather Channel back, however AccuWeather, a major competitor, is hoping to use this as an in with the provider. They have announced plans to launch their own TV channel later in 2014.

AccuWeather may be an option for DirecTV and even Dish Network to explore if they are able to get a TV channel up and running. However, they are advertising a 45-day forecast, which experts say is impossible because of current technology. Anything past 7-10 days is not reliable.

Dish Network customers continue to receive The Weather Channel and the provider enjoys being able to offer this premium brand to its customers in light of all of the recent weather that has struck the nation. This ensures that people have all of the most up-to-date information regarding the weather since they are currently the only network to prove that they can do so.