TV Anywhere for No Extra Charge!

While there are few things that equal tailgating during the height of football season, it makes it tough to keep up with all the other exciting games on any given Saturday. On top of that, the science and art of tailgating is now so advanced many people miss most of the game taking place in the stadium.

No Need to Choose
Missing the game or fixing the food is no longer a tough choice. If you are one of the millions of satisfied DISH Network viewers who keep track of all your sports on your dozens of channels, you get the best of both worlds.

The Dish Network has broken ground with a number of its service and hardware options, and DISH Anywhere is one of the latest. If you sign up for DISH and select the incredible Hopper option, you get the nifty DISH Anywhere system as well. With this lightweight and rugged hardware, you simply set it up and take advantage of your subscription anywhere, anytime.

Even if you aren’t headed to the stadium, you’ll find plenty of reasons to make use of DISH Anywhere. If you’re headed out on a camping trip, sitting online for playoff tickets, or simply picnicking at the park, you have easy access to all your favorite channels and programs with simple setup.

Combined with the DISH DVR and wireless connections, you simply can’t find a way to miss out on that special program. Record it now and play it back on any device at home or remotely – you decide.

Now’s the time to upgrade your DISH system to the Hopper and get the DISH Anywhere capability for free. There’s no extra charge for the system or for when you use it, wherever you are. Make sure you’re tailgating in style this fall.