DISH Network Bundles

Most people know that DISH Network is a provider of satellite television, but that’s not the only thing that they offer. Dish bundles provide several benefits, whether you’re interested in simply adding satellite Internet or you want home phone service as well.

The primary benefit is getting a discount on each service, so you are getting a significantly lower rate on each service overall. In addition, you only have to pay a single bill from the company, instead of three different bills for your television service, phone, and Internet.

In addition to those benefits, you also have access to the satellite’s reliability with each of the services. The uptime is 99.99%, so you won’t have to worry about your Internet going down when you most need it, or missing out on your favorite show. The internet speeds go up to 10 mbps, and are available in areas that aren’t commonly serviced by broadband, such as rural areas. Since the signal comes from a satellite instead of cable lines, the remoteness of the area does not cause problems with the Internet service provided. The telephone service is also as reliable as the television and Internet.