DISH Network Remote Codes

Learn about DISH Network remote codes

Today’s televisions serve a larger purpose than they did years ago. Not only are they used to watch broadcast television shows, but they are used to watch DVDs, VCR Tapes, and play music on stereos. Chances are the devices you hook up to your television come with their own separate remotes, and it can be confusing to try and keep track of each one and its functions. Dish Network subscribers can bypass much of this confusion by setting up Dish Network Remote Codes.

Once these codes are set up, life becomes easy for Dish Network subscribers, but some have struggled a bit in getting the codes programmed into the remote so that they can be used, so it is important to follow instructions carefully. The Dish Network remote has buttons near the top that represent the different modes you can put the remote into. There’s the Satellite mode (SAT), the TV mode, the DVD mode, and the AUX mode.

In order to work correctly with Dish Network, the devices need to be set up with the proper dish network remote codes. There is a lot of variance between devices, but these codes can be found on You can find these codes and enter them as you are setting up your device, or you can find them by scanning for them or by following instructions found on the menu button of your remote. Each device needs to be set up individually. Devices that have more than one function, such as a TV/DVD Combo player will have multiple dish network remote codes assigned, so that each component can be set up to work with your dish remote.

Regardless of which method you choose to use to set up the devices you want to work with your Dish Network Remote, the first step is to turn the power on for that device, for example, a DVD player. From there you press and hold the corresponding mode button located at the top of your Dish Network Remote for three seconds. The other mode buttons should light up, and this is your cue to release the button you’ve been pressing. That button should be flashing, and you should be able to enter the three digit code followed by the pound (#) sign.

If you were unable to successfully determine your code, a quick scan will usually locate the code for you.To accomplish this turn on the power button on the Dish Network remote, and use the up and down channel arrows in order to find the code. When you find the code, the device will turn off and the corresponding mode button will flash eight times. Be careful not to scroll too fast, or you may pass over the code. Once you have your code hitting the pound(#) button will lock that code in place.

To program using the menu, you will need to turn on your television and press the menu button. Several possible actions will appear on the screen, and you will need to go to the settings tab in the main menu. From there, select the remote control icon to bring up the Remote Control Manager. There will be separate options for TV, DVD, and AUX modes, which you will need to set up one at a time. Much like entering the code yourself, the menu option requires that you know, and are able to find your device in the menu, but you search for it on the television with the dish network remote rather than on your computer. When you find it, enter the code.

As each code is entered, whether manually or through a scan, it is important to test that you are able to to turn your device on and off with the main remote, and make sure that the volume works for the device as well. Writing down the codes and storing them in a safe place is also a good idea in case you need to set up these devices some time in the future. When you’re done setting up all your devices, you’ll be able to turn on the power, and select the mode that corresponds with whatever you wish to watch