Duck Dynasty is Back!

DISH Network prides itself on offering the most up to date technology and the most access to the shows you love. They are the leaders of the pack in terms of providing HD to US homes, as well as the most international programming. This distinction sets them apart from the rest in quality and market recognition.

DISH Network allows people to watch the programs they love on a variety of stations. One of the shows they feature that fits the bill is Duck Dynasty on A&E, a show about the Robertson family who made it big with their unique duck hunting products. Owners of the very real company named Duck Commander out of West Monroe, Mississippi, The Robertson family takes viewers through their humble lifestyle and family antics. The show is a hit. In a world where almost anything can be made into a reality series, Duck Dynasty offers viewers a different perspective. Each of the brothers, known for their long, ZZ-Top-like beards, shows an interesting personality. The parents chime in with their own antics and wisdom every now and then. The relationship between them is an interesting aside in the storyline.

Perhaps the most enigmatic character on the show is their uncle Silas Robertson, better known as Si. Si works with the family to produce the duck callers and always has an interesting comment to say about something that is going on. His asides are usually comical and relevant – so much so, they make you laugh even harder than you thought you would. A typical office relationship unfettered by familial affiliation, the set and indeed the office space of Duck Commander appears to be an interesting place to work.

While the father, Phil Robertson, created the duck call in the early 1970s, it was his son, Willie Robertson, who, utilizing the tenets he learned while earning his business degree from Harding University, catapulted the business from a small family owned affair to a multi-million dollar corporation. Keeping it in the family has always been a major focus for the Robertson family. They show as much on the television show. Mother, father, uncle, brothers, cousins, wives, and children all make an appearance here and there, as the show moves along. Watching the show is like looking at a day in the life of a family that is too real to be made up. And people love it.

The Robertson family is also a very religious family and they don’t hide that in their television show. Their refreshing conversations that infuse God and faith are unique to television in this day and age.

Duck Dynasty can be seen on DISH Network on Wednesday’s, alongside a host of other shows. Their comprehensive line up provides so many titles to choose from, your DVD player will get jealous.