Family Movie Night with [email protected]

“We’re bored!” This is the cry many parents deal with on a weekly basis. This is most especially true during school holidays or when kids are not feeling well. Keeping kids entertained is a lot easier said than done, and many parents find themselves quickly running out of ideas and patience.

If you have an unlimited amount of cash, keeping your kids occupied would not seem all that hard, however, that is not the case for most families. You want to spend quality time with your family, but often people equate quality time with expensive time. This does not have to be the case. One great family fun night option is “Family Movie Night with Dish and Blockbuster @Home.”

In the past a movie night meant spending over $50 taking the family to the theater. Now, thanks to Blockbuster @Home, your Dish provider can hook your family up with some of the most popular new releases in the convenience of your own home for a fraction of what you would spend in the theater.

When the stress of spending huge chunks of cash is not weighing on your mind, you can relax and spend true quality time with your family.

To make your family movie night a real treat, make sure you choose a movie that the entire family has been anticipating. The first viewing of movie really grabs everyone’s attention. If you have varying age groups in your family you might want to consider a “double feature.” Plan a children’s themed movie earlier in the evening, and then something for the older one’s after. If you really want to get your kids excited, make up family movie night movie tickets. If you want to incorporate this into your chore system, inform your kids that they will earn their ticket by doing a special chore that you have been wanting accomplished, like clean out their closet.

Another fun addition to your family movie night could be a family pizza making session ahead of time. Let your kids help you prepare dough and cover it with their favorite toppings. What’s a movie night without snacks? Make sure you have movie theater styled snacks on hand to make your movie night extra special. Buttered popcorn and boxed candy are a must.

One thing you get with family movie nights with Blockbuster @Home is that you are always certain to get the best seat in the house. Let your kids bring their pillows and blankets out to make cozy viewing areas. Once your family is all settled in, turn down the lights and enjoy some quality, affordable family fun. Learn more

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