Flex TV on DISH

Are you ready to order DISH Network service but you don’t have good credit or you’re concerned about having a long-term contract? If so, All American DISH has a plan for you. We recently expanded our DISH Flex TV service from DishLATINO to the general DISH population. Flex TV is a no agreement plan for qualifying new customers.

What are the benefits of DISH Flex TV?

Here are just some of the benefit you get with this package.

  • You own the equipment – up to one receiver and two tuners
  • Designed for all customers even those with poor credit
  • No long-term contract
  • No credit check
  • No required social security number
  • No required credit card
  • Free installation

Why is All American DISH offering the DISH Flex TV package?

We know that life happens and things like temporary job loss or a serious illness might impact your credit score. We also know that you might not want to commit to a long-term contract. So, All American DISH is offering DISH Flex TV because we want you to enjoy the DISH Network programming even if you have poor credit or don’t want to sign a lengthy contract.

What do you get with the DISH Flex TV?

With Flex TV, you can pick the DISH Network package that’s best for you. You can subscribe to any of our popular satellite TV packages including local channels, regional sports, and international programming. Plus, you own the equipment.

How does DISH Flex TV work?

DISH Flex TV is available to qualifying customers who are:

  • First time DISH Network subscribers
  • Former DISH Network subscribers who left in good standing more than 90 days ago

You can turn the service off without any early termination fee. You can also change your programming package at any time without paying a fee.

Flex TV is a pre-paid service. As long as All American DISH receives your monthly payment by the due date, the programming service stays on. If your payment is late, the service automatically shuts off.

What do people say about DISH Flex TV?

On DISH Network Forums, people say that DISH Flex TV is a great plan to consider if you prefer owning your own equipment, want to avoid signing a long-term contract, or have no or not very good credit.

What are my next steps?

If you love the idea of a DISH Network package with no contracts, no credit checks, no commitments, then contact us today to select your plan and schedule installation. Learn more