The Hopper Continues to be the Industry Leader

The Hopper technology continues to be the leader in the industry

DISH Network’s Hopper DVR continues to provide customers with some of the highest quality recording services. The Hopper has a 5 star rating from and won ‘Best of Show’ at CES 2013. The Hopper is the only DVR to offer AutoHop allowing customers to watch commercial-free TV.

Subscribers to DISH Network have the option of ordering the Hopper service, which allows them to record shows and watch the programs on their own schedule. DVRs allow customers to record their favorite shows, which means that they can now make plans for the evenings and watch their shows when they return, and even follow two shows that might air at the same time but on two different channels. Since the device can also record multiple shows, it can be possible to record a variety of programming to try on a lazy Sunday afternoon. For those who love television, a DVR offers unparalleled control over when a person will watch a program.

What the Hopper Offers

When customer orders the Hopper, they are able to use the device to record television shows, which can then be viewed from any room in the house from televisions, tablets, computers, or even smartphones. This makes it easy for every family member to be able to watch their preferred shows, without any fighting. Customers can even transfer shows and watch them offline, which adds even more convenient viewing options. Since customers can record up to 6 channels at once and can store up to 2,000 hours on the DVR, they have the option of recording a wide variety of shows and movies to watch at their own convenience. The Hopper also offers a unique “Primetime Anytime” feature, which allows customers to watch up to three hours of primetime content for eight days after it originally airs. If a feature is shown that the customer really loves, they can even record the show and save it indefinitely.

Benefits of Recording Television

In addition to the convenience of recording the customer’s favorite television shows and then being able to watch them whenever desired, they can also skip commercials when they play the shows back later. DISH Network also offers commercial free TV options for those who cannot stand to watch periodic commercial breaks during their favorite programs.

The Hopper DVR presents customers with the opportunity to watch a variety of favorite types of programming. Since multiple shows can be recorded at once and they can then be watched from a variety of devices in any room, families will never again have to worry have arguing over what show to watch on a given evening. Customers are no longer forced to comply with the schedule laid out by the channels, they can instead watch what they prefer and when they want to.