How the DISH Hopper and Joey work together.

How does the Hopper and Joey work together?

Understanding the Hopper and Joey

If you’re looking for a whole-home HD-DVR system, look no further than Dish’s Hopper and Joey. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Hopper, but what about Joey? The Hopper and Joey work together to allow you to watch and record programming on four separate TVs. If you prefer, you can upgrade and record and watch programming on up to six rooms.

Understanding what the Joey does

The Joey connects to the Hopper so that you can watch and record programming on separate TVs. For each TV in your home that you want to watch and record HD programming, you will need a Joey, except for the TV that the Hopper is connected to.

How many shows can be recorded with the Hopper and Joey?

You can record up to six programs at a time; however, for every additional Hopper that you have, you can record up to three additional shows.

How many shows can be watched at any given time?

If you have four TVs, you can watch live TV on three of them and recorded programs on the fourth.

Do the Hoppers and Joeys have tuners?

The Hoppers have three tuners a piece. The Joeys have no tuners because they use the tuners on the Hoppers.

What can you do with a Hopper and Joey?

Yes. No matter the room you’re watching TV in, as long as it has a Hopper, you can pause, play and rewind.

What are the Joeys considered to be?

Joeys support HD programming; however, they are also completely compatible with SD.

Can Hoppers and Joeys communicate with one another?

Yes. As said before, if you want more than four TVs hooked up to a DISH Hopper, you will need to get an additional Hopper. All Hoppers in your home, as well as all Joeys, will be able to communicate with one another.

Can you pause a show in one room and finish it in another room with the a Joey?

Yes. Because a DISH Joey and DISH Hopper communicate with all other Hoppers and Joeys in your home, you can pause in one room and finish in another.

Is the Internet of any value when using the Hopper and Joey?

No. The Internet is not needed; however, connecting your Hopper and Joey to the Internet will allow you to take advantage of all the features they have to offer.

Introducing the SuperJoey.

Look for the SuperJoey to be released in May 2014.