Nations Lowest Digital TV Pricing

Price increases are everywhere. The grocery store, the clothing stores, the gas station and yes even the cable companies. Every few months it feels like cable companies are bumping up their prices and limiting their services.

DISH Network has tried during these tough economic times to keep their quality of service to their customers consistent and top quality. Although recent months have seen some price increases, when compared to the national competitors DISH is still the best choice for family entertainment and sports in America. We are the best because we put our customers first. You want dependable affordable cable service that you do not have to think about and that is exactly what we attempt to provide through our huge selection of sports channels and family entertainment options.

DISH Network does not stop there, though. We have gone above and beyond by offering to our customers a few extra options that you will not find with every television provider.

The Hopper

The Hopper is an innovative new way to view and record your family’s favorite television and sporting events. The Hopper features the most powerful and technically advanced type of DVR technology so that your television experience is taken into the new age. Not only does The Hopper enhance your television experience at home, but your favorite shows can go with you anywhere you go with television access on any of your mobile devices. Moms know what a lifesaver this can be on long car trips with small children.

DVR Access

Another amazing feature offered to you by DISH is the ability to access your DVR from any mobile device no matter where you are. We all know the feeling of suddenly remembering your forgot to set up your favorite show to record before leaving the house. This is no long a problem. You can just easily access your DVR through your DISH account on any phone and program anything you like.

Options for You

DISH Network understands that every family is not the same. That is why we offer several different DISH network packages to suit your family’s specific viewing needs.

  • Smart Pack– our most affordable and simple plan
  • America’s Top 120– reasonably priced yet offers HD channels and free Hopper upgrade
  • America’s Top 200– offers more viewing options and includes HD channels and free Hopper upgrade
  • America’s Top 250– the most popular package offered, has everyone covered like kids programming, sports channels, and movie channels
  • America’s Everything Pak– is made for the ultimate TV lover including more sports, more movies, well, more everything

​Your cable should be in your control. Call DISH today to take control of your viewing options.