No Messy Wires

Meet wireless Joey, a new wireless satellite adapter by DISH network. This innovative technology allows you to watch DISH TV from any room, even the garage. Joey is part of a set of products, some you may already have. The device operates with an Access Point, Hopper, and Sling. This wireless device, by the name of Joey, is the first of its kind to utilize advance-technology in the pay-TV industry.

According to the Wall Street Journal Online, “Wireless Joey is powered by a 900MHz 2000 DMIPS BCM7418 processor. Wireless performance for both Wireless Joey and Access Point is driven by a Broadcom BCM4360 802.11ac chip operating at the 5Ghz band. The system features 3×3 MIMO with beam forming internal antennas and auto frequency selection.” This means Joey is faster than regular wireless hoppers. The device is used an addition to DISH TV’s main hopper DVR. This setup which allows you to virtually enjoy any show, any time, in any area of your home, is a combination of both existing service equipment and new adapters.

This system is new to the market and steps above any other realm of satellite programming. DISH network allows you to watch quality television wherever and whenever you want. You can now experience the freedom of decorating your home without worrying about messy wires stringing across the walls. If your flat screen is using wall mounts, then you need to checkout the benefits of going wireless with your DISH network!

*Wireless Joey requires a WiFi connection. $50 for initial setup plus $7 per month for each box.