Satellite TV Beats Cable TV

When it comes to home television entertainment, people around the United States have choices that they did not have just a few years ago. It was not that long ago that cable companies exerted a sort of control over the home entertainment market that made consumers wish there were other options.

While the cable TV companies have been working to upgrade their services, a new type of home television entertainment option has emerged. Satellite television has become extremely popular all around the country and it has the cable companies nervous for several very good reasons.

Satellite Goes Where Cable Cannot

One of the first markets that the satellite television companies offered their services to were the rural areas and other parts of the country where cable TV companies did not have a presence. Before satellite television came along, millions of people were unable to get premium services. Satellite makes it possible for anyone to have premium television channels and services, no matter where they live.

Each Service Is Separate

To get satellite television service, a customer has a satellite dish installed on his home which offers service to his specific address. If that homeowner’s dish is damaged, only his service is affected. With cable, one downed wire can take out an entire neighborhood. This can seem insignificant until your service is out for days because a falling tree branch took down the cable wire.

Satellite TV Was Built On Customer Service

Satellite television companies not only recognized the large groups of customers looking for cable television options, but they also noticed a customer service gap that was waiting to be closed. Cable companies became notorious for offering customer service that did more to frustrate customers than help them. Satellite services stepped in and offered responsive customer service that helped to build satellite television into a viable option.

Satellite Signal Is Higher Quality

When it comes to creating a clearer picture, satellite has a better offering based on the technology used to deliver your programming. Cable television utilizes relays that degrade the signal and weaken it. Even with digital programming, cable service is not offering you a first generation signal. Satellite service is beamed directly to your home without any repeaters or intermediary equipment. Satellite offers a true, first generation signal that leads to a clearer picture.

When you put cable and satellite television services together side by side, you will see that satellite comes out as the best option. Contact your local satellite television provider to see just why so many people are making the switch away from the cable TV companies, and towards satellite television.