Satellite TV FAQs

Considering making the switch to satellite TV? Chances are you still have a few burning questions to consider before taking the leap. These satellite TV FAQs will help answer the questions you have and provide you with insight into the satellite switch.

How reliable is satellite service?

Satellite services are 99.99 percent reliable – even when weather is a factor.

Are satellite providers required to deliver local channels to all subscribers who want them?

No. This is an optional service that some satellite providers offer, but it is not required and may not be available in all markets.

You should contact the specific satellite provider you’re considering to find out which, if any, packages they offer contain local channels.

What channels will I get?

Different satellite providers offer different channel packages in a wide range of price points. The selection and packages will vary according to service provider.

Can I block channels I don’t want to see or that I don’t want my children to watch?

Again, this varies from one provider to another. DISH Network, for instance, offers a “Parental Locker” that blocks the channels you designate from being viewed.