Skip the Commercials

Let’s face it, unless it’s Super Bowl, nobody wants to see commercials during their favorite movie, cliff hanging drama or sporting event. But, what are you going to do? Television broadcasters have to make money through advertising to stay afloat and, after all, we’ve been putting up with commercials for years and have conditioned ourselves to just get through the several minutes of information overload with glazed eyes.

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Well, wipe your eyes and take a look at the AutoHop feature the DISH Network Hopper® has to offer on PrimeTime Anytime recordings. With this incredible feature, the viewer can make a conscious choice whether or not to watch commercials. The feature becomes available within hours after the show has aired (may be longer for select channels). And recording and storage times of the DISH Network HD/DVR are extensive with an impressive 2000 hours or 2 TB. That is longer than HD/DVR devices available from other providers in the industry.

On average, commercials encompass approximately 30% of viewing time in a typical 30 minute sitcom. Can you imagine all the time that is freed up, or how many shows can be packed into a rainy afternoon when you cut the viewing time of a sitcom to 21 minutes or a titillating drama is solved in 43 minutes instead of an hour? This is the reality of what the world can look like with DISH Network and AutoHop. Of course, if commercials are a particular hobby or interest, or if getting catchy jingles stuck in your head for days on end is something you cherish, then the choice to watch the commercials is available and up to you. The key ingredient is; there is a choice, which is something you will not find with other providers. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the AutoHop feature of DISH Network’s Hopper® and start enjoying your commercial-free time.