The Super Joey for your Hopper

First there was the Hopper, DISH Network’s ingenious device that allowed TV junkies to record up to six shows at once without any downgrade in quality and watch anywhere they want in their homes—be it on a television in another room, on a wireless device or directly off their main television’s DVR box. It seemed like this was ample recording room for even the most avid television viewer, but great things can always be better.

Enter the DISH Super Joey, an even bigger room extender for the dish set-top box which now allows viewers with DISH network to record up to eight programs at once without any downgrade in picture quality. This is enough time to record an entire primetime block of programming on any of the major prime time broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. You can even record programs you missed the night before on one of these networks and will never have to worry about missing the final seconds of a program you recorded—as you will now have recorded the entire night of programming.

Adding the ability to record an entire prime time block at once, along with the Hopper’s 2,000 hours of storage capacity, makes your DISH Network service the ideal television library right in the comfort of your own home, so that you’ll never have to worry about missing another program, as long as you set your Super Joey to record it beforehand. No wonder the DISH Super Joey won the 2014 CES Editor’s Choice Award, giving even more power to the television fan than ever before.

Now the biggest problem will be finding the time to watch it all.

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