TV Anywhere for No Extra Charge!

While there are few things that equal tailgating during the height of football season, it makes it tough to keep up with all the other exciting games on any given Saturday. On top of that, the science and art of tailgating is now so advanced many people miss most of the game taking place in … Continued

Take DISH Network Anywhere This Summer

Television fans rejoice! Now you can have your favorite television programming at your family reunions, baseball games, or camp outs. All of this is thanks to the latest satellite offering, DISH Anywhere. You can even take it along for the ride when you go on vacation. Where can this Powerful App Really Go? Well…anywhere! Really. … Continued

Finale Month

May is Finale Month in the world of primetime television. Over 80 shows air their season finales this month. Then your wait for the Fall season starts. What’s in store for you? Will your favorite show end on a cliffhanger? Here’s a preview of what you can expect on Finale Month. On Castle, Beckett and … Continued

How the DISH Hopper and Joey work together.

How does the Hopper and Joey work together? Understanding the Hopper and Joey If you’re looking for a whole-home HD-DVR system, look no further than Dish’s Hopper and Joey. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Hopper, but what about Joey? The Hopper and Joey work together to allow you to watch and … Continued

The Hopper Continues to be the Industry Leader

The Hopper technology continues to be the leader in the industry DISH Network’s Hopper DVR continues to provide customers with some of the highest quality recording services. The Hopper has a 5 star rating from and won ‘Best of Show’ at CES 2013. The Hopper is the only DVR to offer AutoHop allowing customers … Continued

Can I get DISH Network on multiple TVs

There are a wide variety of different options out there when it comes to choosing a television provider, but many will attest to DISH Network being one of the best. There are obviously the cable and fiberoptic options, as well as other satellite providers but DISH Network offers a wide variety of channels, as well … Continued