To Stream or not to Stream?

The first television was invented in 1925 with limited viewing options mainly consisting of programs broadcast by the major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS. Today, ninety years later, viewers have considerable more options in which to receive programming including satellite television and cable. When considering the option that is right for you and … Continued

Cable vs. Satellite

When it comes to television we all have our preferences whether it be reality TV, sports or movies that we prefer. Picking our favorite shows is really the easy part when it comes to decisions about television. The difficult part is deciding on which provider makes the most sense for you and your family when … Continued

Who is DISH Network?

DISH Network is a direct-broadcast satellite television provider in America. While it is best known for its television programming, DISH Network also provides satellite internet service to residential customers. With over 14 million subscribers and approximately 34,000 employees, it is the largest satellite television provider in the United States. Its company headquarters are located in … Continued