Take DISH Network Anywhere This Summer

Television fans rejoice! Now you can have your favorite television programming at your family reunions, baseball games, or camp outs. All of this is thanks to the latest satellite offering, DISH Anywhere. You can even take it along for the ride when you go on vacation.

Where can this Powerful App Really Go?
Well…anywhere! Really. Anywhere you have Internet access, you can take your favorite television programming with you. You can access via mobile phone or tablet devices connected to a 3G or 4G network or Wi-Fi connection.

What does DISH Anywhere Include?
It’s not just series and repeats from the big three either (you know, the holy trinity of ABC, NBC, and CBS), you also get cable programming, HBO movies and series, news, entertainment, pop culture, and sports.

You get access to programming from more than 150 of the top television networks, thousands of televisions shows and movies, On Demand programming, saved programming on your DVR, and live television for your favorite networks.

How does it Work?
While it may seem like a complicated little bit of movie magic, you won’t need any special mojo or super powers to make this magic happen. All you need is download the DISH Anywhere app on your mobile device or visit the DISH Network Anywhere website for instant online access from your home computer.

What are you waiting for? Get DISH today and start enjoying the benefits of DISH Network Anywhere right away!