To Stream or not to Stream?

The first television was invented in 1925 with limited viewing options mainly consisting of programs broadcast by the major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS. Today, ninety years later, viewers have considerable more options in which to receive programming including satellite television and cable. When considering the option that is right for you and your family, it is certainly important to compare the features and price of each, but it is equally important to consider the future direction television programming is headed. That direction is live streaming.

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While live streaming is not a new concept to most consumers, the idea of being able to stream content through one device is something that is developing and growing in popularity. And instead of streaming to your computer or smartphone, more and more consumers want to stream movies, television and sports right to their living room on their large high-definition screen. The television industry has recognized this need and newer televisions are equipped with the technology and ability to accommodate streaming in a seamless way to enhance the consumer experience. Likewise, satellite television program providers, such as DISH Network, have recognized the direction television viewing is headed and are working diligently to make live streaming more convenient, affordable and part of the daily television regimen.

In December 2014, in an unprecedented move, DISH Network announced the integration of the Netflix app into its set-top box. What this means for the consumer is ease of watching those favorite live streaming television shows and movies without having to employ an additional device and switch back and forth between them. To read more about the details of this service, visit News about DISH Network found at

If the world of live streaming is something that has seemed overwhelming and too complicated, then it is time to step into the future and give it a try. According to Bloomburg’s Businessweek there are approximately 48 million worldwide subscribers to Netflix with top shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black leading the way. As live streaming is integrated into the DISH Network line-up, the future has arrived and ready for you to sit back, watch and enjoy.

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