Who is DISH Network and what do they provide?

Founded in 1996 by Charlie Ergen, Jim DeFranco, and Candy Ergen, and headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, DISH Network is a direct broadcast satellite provider with approximately 14 million commercial and residential subscribers. As of 2014, DISH Network provides a varied selection of services related to satellite television, internet, audio, and interactive television to its customers, with different plans and promotions designed to suit a variety of needs.

While the company’s main focus is on satellite television, in recent years the number of DISH satellite services has increased to encompass new and more updated technologies, allowing for the expansion of the company’s scope. What started with the launch of its first satellite, known as EchoStar I, has now widened its horizons to include the use of numerous satellites, as well as the purchase of many other companies, such as Blockbuster, to broaden the services DISH Network can provide within the United States.

As a continuation of its expansion project, DISH is currently working on providing a hybrid satellite/terrestrial mobile broadband service to enhance its already popular high speed internet service. At the same time, DISH satellite has improved its performance and spectrum so as not to interfere with the GPS network surrounding the planet.

Among many actions taken by DISH to improve its worldwide broadcasting network the most important upgrade has taken the shape of a higher capacity satellite dish, which allows the company to provide high definition television to its subscribers, as well as an increase in the number of orbital locations and a wide array of broadcasting technologies, which have been made available to the public over the last decade.

Thanks to these improvements and upgrades, DISH Network now offers its services both in urban and rural areas, bringing broadband internet where none was available before. Additionally, in 2012 DISH began the offering of a service known as DISHWorld, in which customers can view a selection of international programs without the use of a satellite receiver or cable, making it one of its most innovative packages yet.

Because of all this, DISH Network has been able to continue its growth both as a company and as a service provider to millions of Americans throughout the country, with an exponential increase in the number of subscribers over the last three years, a number that continues to grow as the company adds better technology, a wider number of services, and improves upon its existing infrastructure. Taking all this into consideration, the outlook of DISH satellite’s offering seems to stand in a positive light, something only very few companies can boast of in this age of economic crisis.